Meet Blake

We call them "dreams" because they receive no attention from us when we are awake...

Blake Miles

Speaker, Author, Dad, Grampa, Freedom and Abundance Coach

When Blake became a grandfather at 44 years old, he woke up to the reality that it was time to make some changes in his life. At the time, he weighed over 300 pounds, was pre-diabetic and had high blood pressure. His marriage and family were crumbling. He was in debt and his "nowhere job" was not making any differences in his finances.

Over the next 15 months, Blake lost more than 100 pounds, regained his health, repaired his finances and earned back his family's respect and trust.

Today, Blake is a twice published author, highly sought after speaker, and host of the popular "Blake's MILES OF ABUNDANCE" Show and Podcast.

He is also the creator of the "Less is NEVER More" Method for Success.

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