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I know many people scoff at the idea of a vision board, but there is genuinely no tool as powerful for creating a visual “trigger” for your mind, and actions, than a vision board!

It’s a very personal thing, but there are a few best practices that will help make YOUR vision board practical and functional.

So if you've ever considered creating a vision board (and NOW is a great time to map out a little vision for your future), then join me at 12:30 ET for the inside scoop on creating a really great one!

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Updated: Jul 23

There's always SOMETHING, isn't there? More than ever, it's getting harder to stay focused on the things that are actually important o our lives, and that will help us fulfill our goals and dreams! This week, I will be sharing 7 Little Steps that you can take that will help you cast aside the distractions, and clear some space for what's truly important to you, so you can focus on creating your best life!

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By now, most people have either heard, or come to realize, that the economy is about to take yet another downturn.

Many factors, including world events like war and the pandemic, have contributed to a correction that many are predicting may turn in to an actual recession.

As part of the exclusive content available to members of the "Little Steps to Realizing Your Dreams" Program, I am presenting this week: 7 Strategies to Help You Survive During a Declining Economy

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