Passionate About Inspiring Others

It devastates me when people say that they're prepared to accept the life they are currently living. The only reason they do is because they can't actually picture themselves creating the life they truly desire!


I know it can be tough. I've been there.

It wasn't until I unexpectedly became a grandfather (at 44 years of age!) that I was able to truly visualize the changes I needed to make in my life, and start taking action to accomplish those changes.

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At the time, I weighed over 300 pounds, with a pre-diabetic condition and high blood pressure. My marriage and family were crumbling. I was in massive debt, and my "dead end" job was barely covering the bills.​

Using small, but highly effective steps, I lost more than 100 pounds, regained my health, repaired my finances and earned back my family's respect and trust.

Today, I'm a Certified Accelerated Success Coach, published author, highly sought after speaker, and host of three live broadcasts, including the popular "Little Steps to BIG Success" TV Show and Podcast.

More importantly, I'm a happy, healthy, financially independent husband, father and grandfather ("Gumpy"), living an abundant and fulfilling life!

I'm also the creator of the "Little Steps to BIG Success" Method for personal achievement, which I modeled after my own personal experience

I was 46 years old by the time I found the courage to change my life, and when someone suggested that I use "baby steps" to overcome the adversity I faced, I told them to get lost and stop wasting my time! But then I figured out how to use those small steps really effectively...

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Ships at Sea

Why My Coaching Style is Different

Most of us embrace the metaphor of a storm to describe the turmoil that can arise in our lives. In that metaphor, we use the wind to represent the struggles that we must push against in the face of adversity.

It's a pretty common practice amongst coaches to tell us that we should "not worry" about the winds, because they will "pass" (it's okay, you can laugh - I DID just talk about passing wind).

But the reality is that the winds can actually take a pretty long time to "pass"!

What's more, even when they do pass, we all know how quickly they can return. The fact is that ignoring them, simply isn't going to strengthen our ship against them.

We know that to keep our ship on course for success, we must ADJUST OUR SAILS.

I'd love to show you how to be captain of a ship that will hold its course no matter how heavy the storm!