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Blake Miles

"The 8 Dollar Success Story"

Once Upon a Time, a 46 year old man completely transformed his life for 8 Bucks a Month!

In 2012, I weighed over 300 pounds and was stuck in a dead end job, trying to get out from under crushing debt.


But I devised a method that uses small steps so effectively that it accelerated my results, which helped motivate me to maintain my efforts!

Through the process of reframing, I created small, powerful steps that I implemented every day to formulate a brand new lifestyle that was transformational, sustainable and, most importantly, comfortable for ME!

I continue to use the method to this day to maintain a healthy, happy, abundant life!


Most importantly, I achieved this success with a total investment of 8 Dollars Per Month!

Now, I want to share the 8 Dollar Success Story with you, and reveal the "Little Steps" Method that I used to come through adversity and transform my life!


What You'll Get Every Month

I'm ready to take my FIRST Little Step to BIG Success!

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